Exclusive Pediatric Dental Care

Exclusive Pediatric Dental Care

Exclusive Pediatric Dental Care

1. Root Canal Treatment / Pulpectomy

In this procedure for baby teeth, we completely remove the damaged pulp or the nerve tissue from the tooth and roots , and then the roots are filled with material that can be resorbed by the body when the permanent tooth erupts .

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2. Crowns and Smile Designing

Crowns in baby teeth are important to increase the strength of the root canal treated tooth and to even prevent fillings from dislodging

Front teeth are very important for the speech development of the child. Aesthetically it provides confidence when a child smiles, There are various ways to restore the smile of your child


3. Habit Breaking Appliance

Presence of an oral habit like finger or pacifier sucking after the age of 3 may cause unwanted changes in the dentition. Further leading to malocclusion. Correction of these habits at right time will help resolve problems in permanent dentition


4. Early Orthodontic Intervention

Some tooth malposition and crooked positions can be corrected at any early age with help of appliance. As the child is in the growing phase, the jaw can be directed to grow in proper position.


5. Space Maintainers

These appliances are given in cases of premature loss of primary dentition, they maintain for the succedaneous permanent tooth. Thus, preventing malalignment of the teeth.


6. Preventive Dentistry

We believe in “Prevention is better than cure”. there are various methods to prevent the dental caries in your child’s milk and permanent teeth: pit and fissure sealant, fluoride therapy, diet and guidance for proper brushing and flossing technique.


7. Emergency Care After Trauma

Trauma is a common mishap encountered by young kids during physical activity. In case of trauma call us for an emergency appointment within 1 hr of the fall, and preserve the falling tooth or tooth particle in a container with milk or, coconut water, or any type of electrolyte solution you come across.